Selling Your Music Videos Online – Make Money Per Download

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make money from your music video by selling it as a digital download. The process of selling digital downloads is this: A music fan logs on to a music website or service, pays a fee to download your video, then you get paid for it (rinse and repeat). From your existing digital distribution options to new digital distribution options, I hope to give you a good understanding on how you can get paid every time a music fan downloads your video.

Selling your music video as a digital download appears to be quite a difficult task because not many outlets currently offer this service. Apple’s iTunes is the obvious outlet for music fans to log on to and download their favourite music videos but how do YOU as a musician get your video on there? I tried to get my very own music video on iTunes back in 2006 and it was virtually impossible because I was an independent artist and not signed to a major record label.

So, what are your alternatives to iTunes? If you do a search engine search for “digital distribution”, you will get a fair idea of how and what type of files you can sell digitally i.e. mp3 audio and mp4 video. The way it works with digital distribution companies is, they charge you a fee to submit your album (on cd) and then they digitise it and distribute it in mp3 format to most of the popular web-based music outlets. Companies like CD Baby are excellent and will distribute your music to iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many more outlets but as far as your music video is concerned, it’s stranded!

The Urban Videos website offers the only service of it’s kind where you can submit your video, get paid per download and you’re given free web-based tools to help you promote and sell your music video online..

When you sell your music video through the Urban Videos website, you get embed codes to embed your video, your free flash banner and your free gif banner anywhere on the web. These embedded tools link directly back to your personal video download page when clicked.

As an independent musician, the world wide web is your oyster. Start selling your music videos today!

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